MD 902

The MD Helicopters MD 902 Explorer is a 8 place, light twin utility helicopter. Ideally suited for multi-mission capabilities ranging from VVIP/passenger transport, emergency medical services, to utility missions, the MD 902 has a large cabin with sliding cabin doors on each side, integrated safety features, reduced noise signature, and no tail rotor (NOTAR). The MD 902 is certified for single-pilot operation under visual flight rules/visual meteorological conditions, and capable of operation under instrument flight rules.
The NOTAR anti-torque system provides safe, quiet, responsive, foreign object damage resistant directional control. The enclosed variable-pitch composite-blade fan produces a low pressure, high volume airflow to pressurize the composite tail boom. Air is expelled through two slots which run the length of the tail boom on the right side, causing a boundary-layer control that result in the tail boom acting as a wing, flying in the downwash of the rotor system, and producing up to 60-percent of the anti-torque required in a hover. The balance of the direction control is accomplished by a rotating direct jet thruster on the end of the tail boom. The NOTAR system eliminates the mechanical disadvantages of a tail rotor, including long drive shafts, hanger bearings, and gearboxes. It reduces the overall helicopter vibrations, resulting in lowered pilot fatigue and increased passenger comfort. Due to the design of the NOTAR system which eliminates the spinning tail rotor, potential incidents caused by an exposed tail rotor are eliminated. The NOTAR system not only has proven safety margin, it also provides up to a 50-percent reduction in noise over competitor helicopters.

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Maximum Range: 543 km
Maximum Endurance: 3.2 hrs
Service Ceiling: 248 km/h
Empty Weight: 1531 kg
Useful Load: 1417 kg
Engine: Twin dual-channel FADEC Pratt & Whitney-Canada Model 207E Engines
Height: 12.0 ft 3.66 m
Width: 7.33 ft 2.23 m
Length: 34.08 ft 10.39 m
Main Rotor Diameter: 33.83 ft 10.34 m
Powerplant: P&W 207E QTY 2
Number of Seats: 8 (Eight)
Number of Main Rotor Blades: 5 (Five)
Number of Tail Blades: Not Fitted. NOTAR system used
Number of Baggage Compartments: 1 (One) Rear Clam shell doors fitted
Max Range: 262 nm 485 km
Max Endurance: 3.1 Hours
Max rate of Climb: 2760 ft
Max Operating Altitude: 20000 ft 6096 m
Service Ceiling: 20000 ft 6096 m
Max Hook Capacity: 3000 lb 1360 kg
Hover in Ground Effect (HIGE): 15300 ft 4663 m
Hover Out of Ground Effect: 14000 ft 4267 m
Max Takeoff Gross Weight: 6500 lb 2948 kg
MTOGW External Load Operations: 6900 lb 3129 kg
Empty Weight (Standard Config): 3375 lb 1530 kg
Useful Load: 3125 lb 1417 kg
External Load Operations: 3525 lb 1598 kg
Fuel Capacity: 195 UGS 738 Litres
Max Cruise Speed: 136 kt 251 km/ph
Max Operating Altitude: 20000 ft 6096 m