MD 530F

The MD 530F® is engineered to meet your requirements for hot-day, high-altitude operation. The MD 530F light turbine is a five-blade, five-passenger helicopter equipped with the 650 shp Rolls-Royce 250-C30 engine. The MD 530F operates more effectively in hot, high environments than other helicopters in its class. It offers the performance you need at a lower cost of ownership. The MD 530F's high altitude lift capability is achieved by main-rotor blades six inches longer that the MD 500E . The tailboom is extended eight inches and the tail rotor blades have been lengthened to provide increased thrust and directional control at high altitudes. Proven reliability, fail-safe design and the worldwide network of factory-authorized service centers assure customer satisfaction.

The MD 530F has a relatively small diameter main rotor system and a short tail with a high horizontal stabilizer with two tip plates to provide vertical, longitudinal, and lateral stability in forward flight. Rotor blades can be folded to allow confined-enclosure storage. The MD 530F is certified for single pilot operation under visual flight rules / visual meteorological conditions.
Typical mission applications for the MD 530F are executive and personnel transport, game work, agricultural spray work, fire fighting, air medical services, airborne law enforcement, and numerous other missions. It is also ideally suited for military requirements, both tactical and reconnaissance.

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Useful Load: 684 kg
Engine: Allison 250-C30 650 shp engine
Height: 9.22 ft 2.81 m
Width: 4.57 ft 1.40 m
Length: 25.46 ft 7.76m
Main Rotor Diameter: 27.50 ft 8.38 m
Powerplant: Rolls-Royce 250-C30
Number of Seats: Five (5)
Number of Main Rotor Blades: Five (5)
Number of Tail Blades: Two (2) Standard, 4 (Four) Optional for noise reduction
Number of Baggage Compartments: Belly mounted pod available
Instruments & Avionics: Dual tachometer NR and N2, Engine oil pressure indicator, Engine oil temperature indicator, Engine torque meter, N1 tachometer, Engine chip detector warning light, Engine out warning light, Fuel filter obstruction warning light, Fuel low warning light, Generator out warning light, Fuel quantity indicator, Digital chronometer, Airspeed indicator, Barometric altimeter, DC ammeter, Outside air temperature indicator, Magnetic compass, Turbine outlet temperature indicator, Battery over-temperature warning light, Low rotor rpm warning light, Main transmission chip detector warning light, Main transmission oil pressure warning light, Main transmission oil temperature warning light, Tail rotor transmission chip detector warning light
Electrical Equipment: Cabin 28-volt utility outlet, External power receptacle, Anti-collision lights (2), Landing light nose mounted, Position lights, 85-amp starter-generator, Battery heavy duty 17 amp-hour battery
Powerplant: Automatic engine re-ignition, Inlet barrier filter, Engine anti-ice, Engine wash kit, Facet oil filter
MIscellaneous: Cargo tie-down fittings, Passenger seats with three-point restraint harness, Extended landing gear, Rapid door removal hinges (cockpit and cabin), Tinted canopy windows, Tinted door windows, Fuselage hard mounts
Comment: This list is not exhaustive but a sample of what is available
Aircraft Equipment: Diamond J turbine outlet temperature indicator, Avionics cooling fan, Right-hand command pilot, Slant panel pedestal, Night vision goggle compatible lighting, Heated pitot tube, Paravion door openers, Comfort windows, Moveable landing/searchlight, Landing light pulse system, Pilot Mason Grip, Generator cooling kit, Engine bay quick release hinges, Exterior crew handles, Air conditioning R-134 w/ forward evaporator, Wire strike protection kit, Twenty-one gallon auxiliary fuel tank, Thirty-three gallon auxiliary fuel tank, High-visibility main rotor blades
Avionics: Blind encoder, Encoding altimeter 3-inch, Radar altimeter w/indicator, Attitude gyro indicator, 3-inch, Directional gyro - panel mounted, Compass system ,Radio magnetic indicator, Various NAV / COM / GPS equipment, Various transponders, Various displays, radios, transceivers, and data links Various audio panels, intercoms, CD/IPAD player, AM / FM radios, Cyclic remote frequency switch, Hand held radio provisions
Flight Equipment: Instantaneous vertical speed indicator, Attitude gyro indicator, 3-inch, Directional gyro - panel mounted, Turn and bank indicator, 2-inch, Turn and bank indicator, 3-inch
Special Mission Equipment: External PA / siren system, Forward looking infrared sensor FLIR, Dual side mount Searchlights, Video turret side mount, Agricultural Spray Tank, SWAT platform, Cargo hook, Floats
Max Range: 216 nm 400 km
Max Endurance: 2.2 Hours
Max rate of Climb: 2069 ft/min 10.5 m/sec
Max Operating Altitude: 20000 ft 6096 m
Service Ceiling: 18700 ft 5700 m
Max Hook Capacity: 2000 lb 907 kg
Hover in Ground Effect (HIGE): 16000 ft 4877 m
Hover Out of Ground Effect: 14400 ft 4389 m
Max Takeoff Gross Weight: 3100 lb 1406 kg
MTOGW External Load Operations: 2159 lb 979 kg
Empty Weight (Standard Config): 1591 lb 722 kg
Useful Load: 1509 lb 684 kg
External Load Operations: 2159 lb 979 kg
Fuel Capacity: 64 gal 242 litres
Max Cruise Speed: 134 kt 248 kmph
Max Operating Altitude: 20000 ft 6096 m