DynaFlight AirAg E-series

Now, an affordable entry-level GPS guidance and recording system.  Start from here and grow to there.

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT – Entire system weighs less than 7 lbs/3 kilograms.

MODULAR – Add components & functionality to meet your growing needs.

FULL FEATURED – Includes all the unique navigational features of our professional system.

EXPANDABLE – Fully upgradable to include all of the features of our professional system.

EASY TO INSTALL – Complete system has an Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument (IFGI), a DynaGrip Control, pre -wired harness,  antenna, and interface box.

EASY TO USE – Entire system is controlled by 2 switches (Tophat and Trigger) on the DynaGrip.  Other switches are for normal aircraft functions.

IFGI – The Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument is heads-up dash mounted to be cleary visible while the pilot is looking outside the cockpit.

A GPS/GLONASS based guidance and mapping system that provides precise navigation and recording of the application of seeds, fertilizers and chemicals to any treatment area – regardless of size or shape. The DynaFlight-AirAg-E™ system uses our unique FlexGuide™ to simply point the way to a complete and accurate coverage in its’ IFGI (Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument) “heads-up” display.

Featuring a unique, simple to use interface and new pilot tools, the DynaFlight-AirAg-E™ provides highly efficient aerial applications for improved productivity (more acres per hour). With the Upload/Download option, the DynaNav AirAg Office management software has simple tools for managing and reporting for all types of aerial application operations, including forestry applications and import/export of Shape Files and Google Earth KML files.


• Dash-top mounted IFGI™ Display provides the pilot with a safe "in view" guidance and operation.

• FreeForm RoadWay guidance display to automatically spray any pattern.

• DynaFlight-AirAgII™ maintains a permanent flight record of all applications for the complete season.

• IFGI display has “heads-up” Job Review Map.

• “Heads-up” Live Map for application of headlands, clean-up and Forestry operations.

• Unlimited number of Customers, Jobs, Patterns, Nav points, Unfinished jobs, Polygons, etc.

• Full navigation to and from last spray point, first baseline point, landing areas or any Nav Point

• DynaGrip™ control, cyclic or collective grip, for pilots’ instant control of the entire DynaFlight system.

• The smoker, PTT and other switches are easily integrated into the DynaGrip™

• USB data transfer.

• Unique simple to use pilot interface giving the pilot full and easy usage of any feature required.

• Full simulation of Air and Office systems FREE!! Free software upgrades with 3 year ServicePak.

• Windows based software with all manuals and AirAg Simulator for training.


• WAAS/EGNOS Differential GPS/GLONASS engine for super smooth guidance

• IFGI (Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument) – EL flat panel display showing position, moving-map,

guidance and operating buttons, for heads up safe operations.

• Rugged DynaGrip™ Control grip for safe and intuitive operator input.


• DynaView Color touch screen Controller

• Laser Altitude Module

• RF Telemetry System

Environmental: Physical: IFGI Display Unit

Operating Temp: -30 to +50 degrees C. Width: 6.25 ins (16cm)

Storage Temp: -40 to +70 degrees C. Height: 5.25 ins (13cm)

Humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing Depth: 6.5 ins (16cm)

EMI/RFI: DOC, FCC Weight: 2.2 lbs (1kg)

Installation kit including antenna and DynaGrip™ 4.4 lbs. (2kg) Please note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

8-40 VDC, negative ground (system requires less than 14 watts)

CLICK HERE for videos of DynaNav