Avion Power

Voyager is a 28V/20Ah, 15 pound, portable and stowable power source designed to start aircraft engines. Use the Voyager to start a helicopter wherever and whenever. Or, use it whenever the aircraft is on the ground with static rotors to power on-board equipment.



 Light-weight, portable, stowable, dependable, safe

Ten or more turbine starts per charge

Abundant auxiliary power for maintenance, avionics, on-board medical equipment, and other accessories

Quick recharge in-flight or in hangar

Minimal self-discharge (3% per month)

Long life (2000 cycles or more)


Start capabilities in any location

More auxiliary power to run electronics in any location

Longer life of on-board, lead-acid batteries

Less stress on turbine, starter, digital engine controls, and avionics

Cooler, faster turbine starts

Decreased risk of hot-starts

Simplified, more efficient maintenance operations



28V / 20Ah          28V / 10Ah

Nominal voltage                               26V                        26V

Capacity rating                                  20Ah                      10Ah

Continuous current                         400A                      200A

IPP / IPR (14V and 25oC)               1600A / 1200A   800A / 600A

Cranking power                                                20kW                     16kW

Operating temperatures              -20oC to 60oC    -20oC to 60oC

Storage temperatures                   -40oC to 60oC    -40oC to 60oC

Water resistant                                 Yes                         Yes

Length, width, height                     17.7" x 6.2" x 4.6"             14.3" x 6.2" x 4.6"

Weight                                                 15 lbs                     9 lbs

CLICK HERE for video on Avion power system