Safomar Aviation offers various Logistics & Project Management Solutions which are customised to accommodate the operator’s specific requirements.

In the addition day-to-day component repair and overhaul services, we also offer the following comprehensive Management Solutions:

  • Assist Customers/Principals in negotiation of Power by the Hour,Flight Cycle and Time and Material agreements
  • Management of Power by the Hour, Flight Cycles, Time and Material , Overhaul/Repair agreements for Rotable Components, Engines and Auxilary Power Units
  • Wheel and Brake overhaul management 
  • Logistics Services 
  • Consignment Stock Placement, Replenishment and Management (for rotables, lubricants, tyres, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, paints, sealants and general consumables)
  • Surplus Sales Management
  • Material sourcing, shipping, supply and warranty management
  • Consumable sourcing, shipping and supply