TH-180 at HAI - Heli-Expo 2017

Enstrom set the goal to have a flying TH180 on booth display at the largest helicopter show - HAI Heli-Expo, in Orlando, USA during March 2016. Enstrom have been flying the 2nd prototype of the TH180 and is in test stage currently.

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has announced today that it will be showcasing the TH-180 certification and flight test vehicle (FTV) during HAI Heli-Expo 2017, in Dallas, Texas, from March 7 to 9. A nice, new TH180 for Heli-Expo. This is the second FTV currently in test mode and ready for HAI.  entire factory is supporting this effort on the first new TH180.

While the TH180 was primarily designed for the training market, other suitable missions for the light helicopter include personal transport. Powered by a Lycoming HIO-390 engine, the TH180 is built to be rugged and economical while providing good head and legroom for the two persons or instructor and student. Designed to be simple and low cost, the TH-180 will boast a number of traditional and beloved Enstrom features such as a high inertia fully articulated rotor head, unblocked tail rotor, and rugged landing gear. Enstrom helicopters are renowned for their safety, and it’s expected the TH-180 will build upon that and be a class leader in safety. Enstrom is currently anticipating FAA certification by the end of 2017, with European Aviation Safety Agency and Transport Canada validation to follow shortly after

Show attendees will have the opportunity to view Enstrom’s TH-180 certification and flight test vehicle. Guests are invited to visit Enstrom’s booth (#4517) to see the TH-180, along with the 480B and the 280FX.

Should you require further information please contact Safomar Aviation. / +27 011 397 6260