Our Dealers and Representatives definitely have “Skin in the Game” when it comes to selling and servicing Enstrom products,

I am sure you have all heard this expression! And we all know this typically means the desire, dedicated commitment, and the hard work needed to reach a desired goal. It seems fitting that we can easily apply this to our helicopter business in particular.  

It is no secret that several of our Dealers and Representatives definitely have “Skin in the Game” when it comes to selling and servicing Enstrom products, and of course their own businesses.
Many of you have “gone the extra mile” to market and sell Enstrom helicopters, albeit in the form of advertisements, regional aviation shows, and the larger international shows. And we can’t overlook
our Dealers and Representatives who provide or made it possible to conduct flight demonstrations, delivery processes and the like for our customers in an effort to restore and/or maintain the
Enstrom brand name. We have selected a couple of Dealers for this issue to demonstrate examples of how they put “skin in the game”. And we will continue to highlight others in future Newsletter issues to recognize and appreciate the work done by our Dealer and Representative Network team.

As we all know, the market has been very slow to recover. However, we also see signs of recovery given the number of inquiries from various customers throughout the world. Let’s hope these signs along with our collective efforts to put “skin in the game” payoff and build into a momentum that leads to good sales activities in each of our respective territories.
Orlando Alaniz

Helitech Fall 2015

This past fall Eastern Atlantic (EA) invested in the Helitech Show held in London with a great booth location that had good customer traffic. Not only was there a full booth, but also an aircraft in static display. EA shared the booth cost with another company to minimize cost. Orlando was able to attend on behalf of Enstrom and the invitation went out to all the dealers and reps that the booth was open to all. Various customer connections were made, meetings were held and various customer demonstrations were done with the 480B on static display. Congratulations and a huge thank you to Eastern Atlantic for the great effort, an efficient used of shared facilities, and a job well done! We are definitely looking forward to the next Helictech in Amsterdam in Fall of 2016.

Singapore Air Show

This was a very large and well-attended show held February 2016 in which Blake and DeJong led the show activities for Enstrom. David Blake and LC Linder assisted Enstrom’s Dennis Martin
in everything from set up to tear down. They also provided administrative support, secured meetings with many high powered clients, assisted with travel arrangements, and just worked the
show in general. It is this type of collaborative support that allows Enstrom to participate in more shows and location visits. This is greatly appreciated and beneficial in marketing the Enstrom brand, especially in Asia.

Enstrom Flyers
The online destination for Enstrom Helicopter pilots, owners and mechanics! This online forum is a little known and underutilized tool. We are hoping we can change that with your help. Looking for used parts or an aircraft? Have an issue that you aren’t sure about? Just want to share a cool photo or experience? Please post your Enstrom questions and comments on the forum and see how the Enstrom family can help you. In the near future we will be creating a Dealer/Rep password protected area so all dealers and reps can speak freely about sales items and ideas. To sign up for the forum the link is http://m1heli.com/phpBB3 Please share with all Enstrom family members you know. Jack Ferguson and Enstrom will be checking the forum on a daily basis and will try to answer any questions as quickly as possible! Check it out today! Post some questions/comments before we put the information out to all the owners and service centers.

ALL information directly from Vertical magazine. Here is the link to the article: vertical.reisinformations.netdnacdn.com/digital_issue/2016/v15i3/files/78.html