Phillips 66 lubricants

Pioneering leaders and groundbreaking product lines have helped Phillips 66 Lubricants evolve into the fourth-largest finished lubricants supplier in the U.S. It manufactures and markets premier brand Phillips 66® Oil. This premier brand reaches across the aviation lubricants market.

Phillips 66 Type M Aviation Oil is an ashless, nondispersant, multigrade engine oil recommended for use in aircraft piston engines where the operator prefers mineral-based engine oil that does not contain any dispersant additives. It provides easier starting and quicker oil circulation at low temperatures compared to single-grade mineral oils, while maintaining high-film strength for protection under high-temperature and high-load operations that can help reduce cylinder glazing tendencies. Type M Aviation Oil typically is used as break-in oil for newly overhauled engines where all-mineral type oils are recommended. Break-in normally is accomplished in less than 25 hours of engine operation.

Phillips 66 X/C® Aviation Oil is an ashless dispersant, multigrade engine oil specifically formulated for year-round use in aircraft piston engines. It provides distinct performance benefits compared to single-grade engine oils, including easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures, reduced warm-up time and reduced oil consumption in most engines. It maintains its film strength under high loads and at high temperatures to protect against wear and piston scuffing. The ashless dispersant formulation helps minimize the formation of engine sludge, varnish, piston deposits and combustion chamber deposits. This results in a much cleaner engine compared to the use of straight
mineral oils. X/C® Aviation Oil was the first FAA-approved mineral oil-based, ashless dispersant, multiviscosity aviation engine oil. It has provided outstanding, proven performance in a wide variety of aviation uses since its introduction in 1979, including flight schools, charter and cargo airlines, acrobatic aircraft, spray planes, race planes and virtually any other general aviation application. It is available throughout the United States and is exported to other countries around the world.

Phillips 66 Type A Aviation Oil is an ashless dispersant, singlegrade engine oil specially formulated for use in aircraft piston engines. The ashless dispersant formulation helps minimize the formation of engine sludge, varnish, piston deposits and combustion chamber deposits. This results in a much cleaner engine compared to the use of straight mineral oils. Type A Aviation Oil has many years of outstanding field performance in a wide variety of aviation applications. It is available in two grades, Type A 100AD (SAE 50) and Type A 120AD (SAE 60). Both grades are FAA approved.

• Ashless dispersant helps minimize engine sludge and varnish deposits for cleaner engine
• High-film strength for protection against wear and piston scuffing
• Protects against rust and corrosion
• Same high-quality base oils as used in Phillips 66 X/C® Aviation Oils.